Please read and agree to the terms below. Click on "I agree" at the bottom of the page to continue. 

I request access to myMedCentralRecords. I understand that myMedCentralRecords will let me:

  • See portions of my health information. 
  • Have future access to more types of information and communications.


  1. I agree to promptly log into myMedCentralRecords to set up my own personal account. MedCentral Health System will email me a link that will take me to the myMedCentralRecords login screen and require me to enter my unique validation code that was given to me. The validation code is only usable for first the time when I enter in to myMedCentralRecords. Once I get into myMedCentralRecords I will set up my own unique user ID and password. 
  2. I agree to read carefully the myMedCentralRecords Terms and Conditions of Use that I will see when I log in to myMedCentralRecords. The Terms and Conditions of Use is a contract about how myMedCentralRecords services are provided to me and used by me. 
  3. I agree to use myMedCentralRecords properly as it is intended to be used. Proper use includes logging  in to my myMedCentralRecords account and using self-service to change my e-mail address when necessary by going inside the section labeled User Information under the Profile menu selection on my home page.
  4. I agree not to share my user name and password to myMedCentralRecords with anyone.
I agree